Organic and social responsibility

Organic as respect of the environment and the consumer’s health

Organic is the choice to respect the environment and the consumer health. Since the beginning we found in San Gimignano the most fertile land to grow our ideas. Here has been established one of the first organic districts in Italy of which we are part. Together with other companies we apply to extend the health of the environment and of the consumer. We don’t use pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, we respect the natural cycles, researching on the raw material, using local ancient varieties. We try to spread this message to the public with our activity and with the organization of the annual Festival of the Land (Festival della Terra) held in the XIV Cathedral square in San Gimignano, in the shadow of the renown towers and on the path of the Francigena route.

Ancient Tuscan grains as respect of the biodiversity and our history

Picking the right raw materials means to ease the production. We use ancient Tuscan grains because they had been used for thousand years and they adapt perfectly to the agricultural local ecosystem. They have a low gluten level and a lower yield compared to the industrial ones, but also they have an exceptional organolectic profile. They give to our beers flavor, freshness and minerality. We are part of the Ancient Grains Association, to cooperate recovering this heritage of biodiversity.

Gluten free and vegan as respect of the consumer’s choices

Is it possible to create a great craft beer without gluten?

Yes and it is our amazing Saison, and it’s created from the classic brewing grains – malt and wheat – containing gluten, although they are selected because of their low level. We have developed a techninque that permits the gluten protein disgregation during the mashing and the fermentation steps. Every batch is then analyzed before it is put on the market, to ensure the consumer protection. To our vegan public we have dedicated our Vegan Blond, the beer that respects life, being cruelty free and without animal products.

Energy and environmental impacts

Here are our focus:

  • All the energy used in the brewery is renewable (please find the certificate in the gallery)
  • We privilege local producers
  • We don’t use animal products
  • Our marketing choices follow a life analysis (LCA) approach. For example, we use washable and reusable steel kegs, while using recyclable kegs only when the environmental impact would be greater.
  • We compost our by-products