The Francigena Pilgrimage and the organic beer

Beer is a journey enjoyable with small sips. Our model is the pilgrim that proceed at the speed of its own walk. San Gimignano is one of the main stop on the ancient Francigena route, that connects Canterbury with Rome. The Francigena Pilgrimage was first traced by Sigeric, archbishop of Canterbury, in 990 a.D. On its way back from Rome, Sigeric wrote down the best stops to restore: the first guide for pilgrims and gourmets…

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Here in San Gimignano the pilgrims are costant elements that wander in the landscape. And to walk slowly, immersed in the landscape, brings you to be more aware of the nature, of its dynamics and rhythms. Thus, for us, to brew organic beers was a must from the beginning. Discover how an organic beer is made and why it is better for the environment and for the consumer.