Our territory offers us many ways to follow: the environment, the agricultural production, materials and history are just few of the fields in which we apply, to create a taste that is the best expression of this wonderful land. Here some examples:

Gluten free and beer as respect for differences

The first Italian craft organic and gluten free beer is our Saison. We are continuing our research to offer to everybody the possibility to drink a good organic beer, respecting everybody’s habits and choices.

La terracotta del Chianti

Why we have to search for aged rum barrels when next door  they produce the best clay terracotta worldwide?

The production of Errante reserve 2016 is the first step in discovering this magnificent material with a great personality.

Local yeasts

The environment in Tuscany is rich of microorganisms  specially thanks to the wineyards. In the last three years we have been working with universities and private labs to cultivate local yeast strains extracted from our spontaneous fermented wort.

Ancient grains

Some years ago some pioneering local farmers sensed the potential to return to the ancient Tuscan varieties of grains, that were typical of our land until the mid of the twentieth century. Due to their secular adaptation to the territory these varieties have exceptional biodiversity and organoleptic properties. Our dream is to produce beer from ancient grains only.

Charlemagne’s beer

We’ve received a challenge from a crazy group of researchers, that is reconstructing a Carolingian village in our neighborhood: how did the beer taste when Charles the Great was the emperor? To imagine the beer of the eighth century, we started with a hops and herbs field, and with the first spontaneous fermentations…