The Brewery

Who we are, our project and philosophy

San Gimignano Brewery is built on two principles: to brew exceptional beers, best expression of the wonderful land of Tuscany and to be at the same time a modern artisan reality, careful of the environmental and the social consequences of its production. Our territory gives us all the elements to fulfill our aims: the environment, the rural productions, the materials, the traditions. Our goal is to understand how  absorbe though respect the essence of these elements and transmit it to our beers.

A food company, nowadays, no matter it is artisanal, must care about the environmental and the social consequences of its activity. Our civilization is facing the limits of the planet and its ecosystems, our growing pace doesn’t permit them to regenerate: the rhythm of the exploitation of the natural resources is faster than their recreation and the rhythm of the emissions is bigger than their absorption.

How we can slow down the pace while brewing good beers?

We found two models. The pilgrim and the organic. Discovering they are finally very similar. The pilgrim respects its own pace, the environment that is passing through and his journey companions.

The organic method respects the natural capacity of the earth to donate resources, indulging its slowness and glorifying its wonderful variety.

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